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iPad History

Let us start this article from the beginning. But, first, let us explore the history of the iPad itself.

Initially released in May 2010, its roots go back to 1993, that's right, 1993.

Let us explain more.

Many will not remember Apple's first-ever tablet computer that was called the Newton MessagePad 100. Although it was not able to do much compared to the iPads of today, it was nevertheless was Apple's first touchscreen device, and it paved the way for the current iPad as we know it today.




MessagePad was not the only computer Apple was working on at the time. They were also working on a prototype tablet called PenLite, Which never actually made it to the market.


What is an iPad case?

An iPad case is a product that goes around your iPad and keeps it protected while in daily use.

It can also make the iPad easier to hold, and depending on the material the case is made from; it makes the experience while using your iPad more enjoyable on your fingers.

Whereas a tablet sleeve only protects your device while it is not being used, the case is always wrapped around the iPad even when you are using the device.

Why buy an iPad case?

An iPad case is one of the best ways to help keep your expensive tablet safe and maybe one of the best ways to prolong its life.

A good case would help protect your iPad from daily bangs and knocks and can even save the iPad's screen if it accidentally falls onto a hard floor.


As well as protecting your investment, it can be a great way to express your personality as our iPad cases come in such a wide variety of colors and designs.

The benefits of our iPad case


Aswell as providing all-around protection to your expensive Apple iPad, our cases act as a stand that makes using the iPad more enjoyable and practical for daily use.




As each case is specially designed in the UK to fit each iPad model, you can be sure of a perfect fit.

The camera hole for each case has been specially cut, so you will never have to remove the iPad from its protective cover when you want to take that all-important picture.

Each case comes whit a pencil holder as standard, and our latest iPad Pro and iPad Air versions also allow wireless charging for your Apple pencil.

Whether you want to watch a movie or skype a friend, our 360-degree rotating case can be easily turned from landscape viewing to portrait with a simple twist.


Which case for which iPad


As of writing, this article there are over 20 different iPad models on the market, and all of them are of varying shape and size, making buying an iPad case very confusing.

To save you the trouble of buying the wrong iPad case, check out which IPad I have?


iPad cases for Kids


Our rotating iPad cases are perfect for adults and kids alike.

Children are even more to dropping and damaging phones and tablets than grown-ups, and our cases have been designed with this in mind.

Our iPad case will protect your iPad, and because the case has been designed with precise cutouts for each port, you will not need to remove the case when your iPad needs charging.

With such a wide range of colors and designs to choose from, you will find a cover to fit the needs of every family member.


iPad cases on Amazon



It has become a popular trend for many people to buy from Amazon when shopping online and when searching for an iPad case, it's no different.

Before you flock to amazon for your new iPad case, consider buying direct from small independent UK businesses such as ourselves who not only make a positive difference in their local communities, we pay our taxes in the UK.

iPad cases by Apple


Not only will a genuine iPad case direct from Apple cost you close to £100, it far inferior to our Rhino Cases ( in our biased opinion, of course, 😊)



The genuine Apple case is fragile and provides little protection from drops, unlike our case with soft eve padding and a thick securing strap to keep your iPad nice and secure.


Leather iPad cases?


Our cases are all made from high-quality PU leather. PU leather is an artificial leather material made of thermoplastic polymers.


Genuine leather comes from dead animals, and this is something we actively avoid using in our covers cases.

We never use any animal products in any of our cases and we aim to keep it this way 😊

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